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Association “Philippe Master” is an association with nonlucrative goals, whose seat is in Arbresle - Rhone (France).

Arbreslois of heart, doused by the aura of the Master, we were moved by what had become of “Clos Landar”, the house where he lived many years, and it is in the hope to see this house of Arbresle awakening and not dying, that we created this Association in order to perpetuate the image of the Master and his memory in a lively way.

The Association is composed of an Office, active members, members of honors and sympathizers.

2009 Google - Données cartographiques 2009 Tele Atlas

 L'Arbresle is located in North West from Lyon, the red pointer show its location on the map

Mission statment

Our mission is simple and not involved: to satisfy, in a serious and tallied manner, the growing requests about this man, Philippe of Lyon.

For that we gave each other several priorities:

   To make known and to commemorate his history

  To preserve and gather his inheritance

  To share information, facts, anecdotes and to share our passion

Living in the area of Arbresle, near the place where this great man lived, we were filled with wonder by his history and his influence. This is why we want to help rediscover this Miracle-worker, by reporting his history through various anecdotes, and better understand his spirituality which animated him.

Moreover, we were moved by becoming “Clos Landar”. In the hope to see his awaking we wish that a project be born to preserve him, so that he may again have a place in this life, thus preserving part of his spiritual inheritance that he left us.

He lived in this place there more than 100 years ago. Many photographs, many documents and goods since dispersed. Sometimes they were plundered. We hope to be able to gather some of these so that we may share this heritage.




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Association Maitre Philippe

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