Maitre Philippe from Lyon

 April 25, 1849 to August 2, 1905

  It is not very easy to speak about Philippe Master without stereotyping, or falling on cited phrases known and repetitions in many works and on many sites.

Simple man, he did not want to leave writings, nor lessons behind him. He recommended by example: to like the next like oneself; to never slander, and to swallow one’s pride; to practice charity; to all pray to the Heavens. Submit to the hands the Father, to endorse the Gospel, and to follow the way of Christ our Friend. Such were his perceptions.

He said: “I do not seek dignity in you, but humility. Your efforts are mine”. He did not await thanks, nor to be paid in loud sounding currency for his interventions during the meetings or elsewhere. No, he only required of all these poor, these afflicted, these hearts in suffering which came to Him, to pay in our Lords currency i.e., not to calumniate nor to say evil of its next. And he prayed and request that these souls that the Sky sent him pray with Him.

He also said: “Here, we cure by forgiving the sins…. ” If thus, he had the role of forgiving the sins, then this leads us to believe that he was invested in a divine mission and out of the common run.

But this great mission did not prevent him from being tested, as in the premature death of Victoire, his beloved daughter. He will say; “this death crucified me alive”. He suffered at the hands of world, and left, ravaged and wounded by the behavior of men.

Humble among the humbles (He was called the Father of the Poor), doctor of the hearts and the bodies, he knew the aches and the pains of this valley of tears. He is there for in full knowledge of the human condition, to have lived it, that his message still finds resonance in us through time. The years did not deteriorate his remarks which always have value by example. He is present in the heart of all those for which he is a faithful Friend, a loving Father, devoted and sympathizing:

“… Do not fear to lose me; I have a foot on the sea-bed, one on the ground, a hand towards you, and the other towards the Heavens. Therefore, you will always find me. I will always be with you, not in front of you, but with you…” (02.12.1902)

His history

  It is on April 25, 1849, in then Italian Savoy, in the small hamlet Rubathiers, of the village of Loisieux, that the young person Nizier Anthelme Philippe was born during the night, at 3 AM. The elements are unchained that night, the hamlet is shaken by a violent storm. Finally the storm clears and leaves brilliant star to shine in the night sky. It is a modest house of peasants that accommodates this exceptional child. Because he is exceptional. Indeed, a few months before, the Holy Father Saint of Ars, crossing the future mother announces to her:

“In time, you will have a son, and he will ascend very high”

His parents, Marie and Joseph, as it was necessary that his parents were named as such, so that this exceptional heart can be incarnated, welcomed their first-born who would be the eldest of 5 children.

Since the young age of Philippe, the priest of the village notices that this little boy is different from his young playmates. He is sharp, intelligent and already achieves what one can consider miracles. If a schoolboy feels ill, the simple fact of being standing beside the young Philippe get him back on his feet. When his father sends him to keep the herd, using a rod, he forms a circle around the animals, and not one is runs away. And if his parents are not aware of the potential of their child, the priest of the village who took him in affection and who detects in him great capacities pushes him to continue his studies. At 14 years old, he leaves to go Lyon.

Lodged in his maternal uncle’s home, on the slopes of the “Croix Rousse” district, he would help in the butcher shop. The little bit of money he makes, enables him to register at the Holy Beard Institution, where there too, this shinning young man will be noticed, and will earn his grammar certificate.

Thanks to the silk workers, numerous in this district area, that he will have the possibility of exerting its miraculous art again and he realizes that his faculties were exacerbated. He receives this population of hard workers Place “Croix Paquet”, devoting his few hours of freedom to them. He cures the bodies, he cures the hearts. Then 16 years old, he brings back to life the son of a friend, in “Gorge du Loup” district. With a strong and tender voice, he orders “raise you”, and the deceased stands up at once ...

He will never forsake the poor districts of the “Hill where he works”, but he will also receive in a room at Perrache, and at the time of the conflict of 1870 when he is incorporated in the “Legion of Walk” his patients quickly make a request to the Prefect to release him. A new district is born in Brotteaux. He also holds meetings at 117 rue Vendôme, 5 rue Masséna, rue Duquesne and at 4 boulevard du Nord (the current boulevard of the Belgians).

It is in the years 1874-1875, that he gets registered at the Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine, and in fact, attends the rooms of patients at the Hospital “Hotel Dieu”. The “mandarins” look at this young student with evil eyes. He practices in a strange way towards their patients, avoiding having operation performed on them, amputation and other surgical acts. And when they learn that this Philippe who wants to be a doctor, is only a vulgar healer, they forbade him to remain in the faculty and to finish his studies. A few years later, it is the Tsar Nicolas II who will deliver his diploma for his Medical works towards the royal family.

Here is our Friend released of any engagement, and free to make the wills of the Sky. He is placed between God and men to which he listens to and relieves their sufferings by recommending the prayer, charity, the tolerance, kindness and especially not to say evil, or to calumniate his next.

He weds well in 1877, to the person of Jeanne Julie LANDAR, girl of Arbresle, of delicate health, which he cures. A young woman from the middle classed but good background (the family has several houses in Lyon and Arbresle), will help Philippe, by placing her fortune at his disposal, thus allowing him to continue to look after his patients at no charge, to help with the rents of “child mothers” rejected by society, and all those who came to him for help and assistance. From this happy union, two children are born: Victoire on November 11, 1878, and Albert on February 11, 1881. Albert lived a few months, Victoire will die in her 25th year. Painful test which destroys the father of this crystalline heart….but he will say, “When a soldier falls, it is necessary to tighten the rows…"

The couple settles at the “Clos Landar” in Arbresle. The Master goes to Lyon to ensure the meetings of 35 rue Tête d'Or take place in the building which he holds from his wife. He also works in the laboratory of rue du Boeuf (also in the old district of St. Jean) and he makes drugs, potions and other remedies which he gives to his patients.

His notoriety crosses the Lyon area, France, and crosses the borders like a powder trail. He is the Father of the Poor, of all those which medicine declares incurable, of all those without a cent, despaired and rejected by society. The room of meetings never empties. Most of the time, they are common peoples who come to him. But there are also some smart ladies, who think that their material wealth will help them to obtain the cure or the hoped assistance, they were wrong.

Picture at that time of 35 rue Tête d'Or, Lyon

The Master knows all, sees in the hearts and he asks the same from all: not to slander, not to calumniate and to love others.

When the occultists of the time hear of him and meet him, they give up magic, theurgy, orientalism and other sciences to follow him; he who venerates the Virgin, who relies entirely to the Father and the Christ and who declares: “The Gospels should be read. The more you will advance, the more the\heavens will give you. ”

If he is recognized for services rendered in the many courts, by many Heads of States or highly ranked officials, he is calumniated in his country. Many cannot understand this man out of the ordinary. The Faculty regards him as a charlatan and assigns him to the tribunal. Lawsuits after lawsuit, tired of this war, these scientists end up leaving him alone but send him all those they cannot cure, even sometimes visiting him themselves, in despair for not being able to cure themselves or a member of their own family.

His foreign friendships, particularly with the court of Russia, where the Tsar Nicolas and his wife, the Tsarina Alexandra, hold him in high regard, still have him supervised and spied on by the National Safety Services. His mail is opened, his household supervised and questioned. A defamatory press campaign drags him thru mud both in France and in Russia. Sometimes, to travel, he must disguise himself.

The Master suffers from all this, but the untimely death of his beloved daughter Victoire, on August 29, 1904, will take an even bigger toll on him.

He said

“ he had sacrifice his daughter, the right to cure her had been removed from him, and that she was going to level the path”.

He joined her on August 2, 1905...

Herewith some photographs of the Master

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