Nizier Anthelme Philippe

"The simplest is to cultivate the field of charity. Not to say evil of others, to know that one is here by the will of God, these are the necessary things."



Actually the living spaces of Philippe Master is abandoned.

Our Association hopes wholeheartedly that the patrimony of Philippe Master, "Clos Landar", in L'Arbresle near Lyon in France, could be alive again.

Our mission is to save and commemorate his history and his living spaces.

  Association Philippe Master is happy to welcome you to its web site.

We are a non-profit organization within the meaning of the 1901 law (French law). We are located in Arbresle - Rhone (France).

“Arbreslois” we are sensitive at heart of the influence of Philippe Master (called “Master” after his death), who spent most of his life time in this city. Indeed, this healer living and practising in Lyon, lived, each summer, until his death at the “Clos Landar” (Arbresle).

We do not want to forget this exceptional man who worked all his life to defend a cause, the love of the next one.

Mr. Philippe was the doctor of the king (Tsar Nicolas II of Russia) as well as to the poor.

Thanks to this web site you can now learn about the life of this extraordinary man who lived at the end of the XIXth century in the Lyon area in France.

You also have the possibility of perusing thru information about our association and our projects.

If you are sensitive to the message of Philippe Master of Lyon, you can join us.

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Association Maitre Philippe

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